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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Victory in Judiciary - Letters needed to Rep. Steele and DeWitt

Yesterday the Oklahoma House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to pass HB 2634. The bill can now go to to the House Floor. 
Can is the operative word.
We have heard from our sponsor, Rep. Ben Sherrer that we need to e-mail the Speaker of the House, Rep. Kris Steele and Rep Dale DeWitt and ask them to let HB2634 be heard on the House floor. These individuals can kill a bill if they do not like it, and not let it be heard on the House floor. 
Please e-mail these two legislators asking for HB2634 to be heard on the House floor. You can give a reason it is important for this bill to be heard--restoring the basic human/civil rights of adult adopted people, for example.
Rep. Kris Steele
Rep. Dale Dewitt
At this time we are asking for Oklahoma letters only.
 If you write, please cc us at

Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter to the Editor: "Adoptee Rights" by Samantha Brian Franklin

A letter to the editor from adoptee rights activist Samantha Brian Franklin appeared in the Tulsa World on February 24.  Here is an excerpt:

"Adoptee Rights"

As a pro-life Oklahoman and an adult adoptee, I wanted to debunk a pervasive myth regarding Adoptee Access Legislation currently being passed in several states across our nation.

 Restoring the unconditional right of adult adoptees to obtain their original birth certificates is a human right supported by The Child Welfare League of America and several other child advocacy and adoption groups... 

 Please go to the link and comment.  Show your support for the restoration of Oklahoma adoptee rights!


Friday, February 3, 2012


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The current bill has been amended and improved, but is not yet online.  To read the original, click on the icon to the left.

We will be posting more detailed information soon.

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