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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Letter to the Editor: "HB 2634 will allow adoptees access to their birth certificates by Tammy Figueroa

 HB 2634 will allow adoptees access to their birth certificates 

The Oklahoman, March 7, 2012

As an adoptee born in 1967 in Oklahoma, I should have the same rights to my original birth certificate as any other nonadopted individual born in the state. I'm not a child; I'm an adult. I have been denied multiple requests for my original birth certificate over the years. It shouldn't be a lottery on getting lucky enough for someone to bend the rules and approve my request.
My children, grandchildren and generations to come should have the ability to trace their lineage without running into a brick wall. I want to be able to have a tangible document that contains the factual information regarding my birth, to pass down through my family. As an armchair genealogist, I find it ridiculous that I can trace another's lineage back to the Middle Ages and locate documents centuries old, but I can't obtain my own original birth certificate!

I support House Bill 2634 for the unconditional right of adopted adults to obtain their original birth certificates. This isn't asking for special treatment. I simply want the same respect and courtesy offered to others. HB 2634 would bring Oklahoma out of the Dark Ages of secrecy and not allow our rights to be trumped by irrational fears.

Tammy Figueroa, Bella Vista, Ark.

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