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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oklahoma: HB 2634 passes House 93-0!

Pat is still having problems posting here, so I'm relaying the news! --Marley

HB 2634 passed through the House Floor today with votes  93-0.  How AWSOME!

Thankfully we were there passing out flyers to the Representatives and our sponsor's LA called and said the bill was to be heard onthe Floor in 15 minutes. We hurried to the House Floor seating and it was placed on the floor just as we got our seats. Rep Sherrer said it was about adoptees getting their original birth certificates. There was no discussion and it went up for a vote.

It all happened so fast! We sat there a few minutes and just looked at each other. UNBELIEVABLE!


HB 2634 will hit the Senate soon!  Stay tuned!

Here is the journal entry for the bill.  It's  about 1/4 down the page.

Note that 3 sponsors were added:  Purcy D Walker, Chuck Hoskin, and Jeannie McDaniel 
Rep  Walker
Rep. McDaniel

Rep Hoskin
Thank you Oklahoma House for supporting the restoration of adoptee rights in Oklahoma!

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