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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Letter to the Editor, "HB 2634 will return equal rights to adopted adults" by Pat Marler

The Oklahoman, March 12, 2012
HB 2634 will return equal rights to adopted adults

I pay taxes and do all the things law-abiding citizens do, but I'm not treated as many other law-abiding Oklahomans are because I was adopted. All people have a right to their own identity and personal birth information, but adoptees aren't accorded that right. A remedy for this oversight has passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. House Bill 2634 would allow adult adoptees the right to obtain original birth certificates and let birth parents fill out a contact preference form that would tell adoptees if they'd like contact, no contact or contact through an intermediary.

Birth parents who don't want contact would be given a medical and social form to fill out to give to adoptees when they obtain their original birth certificate. At last, this piece of legislation will return equal rights to adopted adults.

Pat Marler,

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